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2021-2022 Class Schedule **IS NOW AVAILABLE**

Please call, email or write us on Facebook during office hours to register.  Office hours will be posted on FB as we are available.  Email anytime or call us:  847-838-4775 or


We will need a new registration form for ALL students, new and returning, to enroll. Please send all forms through email. You are welcome to send in completed registration forms now, even while you are still deciding on which class(es) to enroll.  Click here for Registration Form (print in Landscape).


For those interested in Auto-Pays:

Auto-payments are typically run the second week in the month. This is also a good option for those who may not remember to pay on time 😉  PLEASE NOTE: All auto-pays on file and payments made over the phone will have a $3 service fee added onto their total.  Click here for Auto-Pay Form.


As a friendly reminder, we DO NOT accept any charges under $20 on credit AND/OR debit cards.  

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