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Classes Offered:  If there are any questions in regards to what class your child should be placed in, feel free to contact the front office.

Pre-school Classes

In the Pre-School gymnastics classes your child learns to adjust to a group situation with their peers. They will begin working on basic tumbling skills and activities on the gymnastics equipment, as well as motor skills, hand-eye coordination, fine muscle control, and activities designed to aid the academic development of the child with the guidance of the gymnastic(s) instructor.


Play and Learn: This class is designed for children 18 months to 3 years old. You as a parent participate with your child, serving as a guide and helper as he/she begins to explore the gym environment around them and discover what his/her body can do. This is a fun time for your child to meet new friends and work on skills while spending time with their parent. (45 minute class)

Teddybear: This class consists of children aged 3.  Must be potty-trained! (45 minute class)

Tumblebear: This class consists of children aged 4. (1 hour class)

Kinderbear: This class consists of children aged 5. (1 hour class)


Recreational Classes

We offer gymnastics classes for all ages with emphasis on skill development and enjoyment. Emphasis is on physical fitness through gymnastics activities. Tumbling, Balance Beam, Uneven Bars, and Vault are included.


Level 1,  2, 3: These levels are designed for the beginning gymnast ages 6 & up.
Level 1:  Focus on the basic gymnastics skills:  Cartwheels, handstands, back bends, pullovers, jumps & positions. (1 hour class)
Level 2: Focus on intermediate skills:  Round-off, back walkovers, back hip circles, leaps & turns. (1 hour class)
Level 3: Focus on intermediate to advanced skills:  Back handsprings, cartwheels on beam, tap swings and high bar skills.  (1.5 hour class)


Jr. High Gymnastics: This class is designed for gymnasts ages 11 & up wanting to learn skills required for the ACHS/Lakes High School gymnastics team. (1.5 hour class)


Boys Only & Tumbling

Tumbling classes are tumbling skilled specific only. Students will utilize the airtrack, the tumbletrack, and mats designed to build confidence in learning new skills. When a student has mastered a skill they will move on to more advanced tumbling skills. Repetitive progression is most important in learning tumble correctly. Students will be working on tumbling skills to build overall body strength or to work towards skills needed for other sports, such as cheerleading. (All levels are 1 hour once a week)


Beginning Tumbling: The beginning level is designed for students who have never tumbled before. Here they will learn the basics of tumbling, which are important and will be used to master harder skills along the road.


Intermediate Tumbling: The intermediate level is designed for students who have mastered beginning tumbling skills. Here they will advance to harder skills such as learning a back handspring. **Must have a back walkover**


Advanced Tumbling: The advanced level is designed for students who have mastered a standing back handspring and/or round off back handspring. Here they will advance to back tuck(s), layouts and full twisting layouts in series and standing. Students in this class must master one skill completely before moving to a harder skill. Form is important when advancing in tumbling.


Boys Only: This is a special class designed for boys only. This class will concentrate on strength, flexibility, and coordination development. Emphasis will be on tumbling skills, vaulting, and bar skills. (1 hour once a week)

Pre-Team and USAG Competitive Gymnastics

Hotshots:  This invitation only program is designed for pre-school aged children who are excelling in their recreational classes.  The next step for these gymnasts is to join the pre-team program where they will continue to work on skills required for team. (1.5 hours a week)

Pre-Team:  This invitation only program is structured towards helping your child become a competitive gymnast.  The next step for these gymnasts is to join the competitive team.  Pre-Team is a big commitment and these gymnasts are expected to attend all practices, year round.

USAG Team Gymnastics: The Gymnastics Zone offers girls competitive gymnastics. These gymnasts work on strength, flexibility and master compulsory routines. They compete in multiple competitions over the season against other gymnastics clubs. Team girls practice anywhere from  6 – 12 hours a week. For more information please look to the USAG TEAM page.


Private Lessons & Special Clinics Offered

Private or Semi-Private lessons are offered upon student’s request. Please contact the office to set up a lesson time with an instructor.  Payment is cash or check only.


Beginning in January 2020, we will be increasing the price of private lessons.  Individual 30-minute lessons will be $45 and shared (2 students) 30-minute private lessons will be $60.


No-Show Policy: In the event you are unable to make your scheduled time, please contact The Gymnastics Zone at least 48 hours prior to your private lesson.  Failure to appear for your scheduled private lesson, without any notice, will result in paying full price for the lesson as if you were there.


1/2 hour = $45.00

1/2 hour – shared (2 students) = $60

1 hour = $80.00




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